"Trumbull SWCD will provide leadership in the promotion, enhancement, and protection of the natural resources by providing conservation technical, educational, and financial assistance to meet the needs of the people of our county."

Who We Are

The Soil & Water Conservation District is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio. Trumbull SWCD is a local, state, and federal partnership. The Trumbull district was formed in the late 1940's by a referendum vote by over 70% of the electorate. We receive appropriations from the County, Townships, and Municipalities with the State of Ohio matching the local government funds. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) also provide additional resource assistance.

Five residents of the County are elected in staggered three year terms to serve as volunteer Supervisors. Each month, The Board of  Supervisors hold a public meeting where they receive resident and staff input, approve financial reports/bills to be paid, and they review the programs and events that both volunteers and staff will conduct throughout the year. 

The Trumbull SWCD Board of Supervisors will hold their regular monthly meetings on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of the month at 2:45 pm.  

If you would like to be notified about any Special or Emergency Meeting please contact the office in writing.

Trumbull County is 25 square miles and is located in Northeast Ohio with the Eastern boundary on the state line of Pennsylvania.


The District provides information and technical guidance to  residents of Trumbull County on natural resources conservation. 

WATER MANAGEMENT SERVICES include drainage, reservoir, land protection, and flood protection.

SOIL MANAGEMENT SERVICES include erosion and land use planning.

EDUCATIONAL SERVICES include conservation programs for adults and students, classroom